Dana Discography 1967 - 1989

(Real name: Rosemary Brown, now Rosemary Scallon)

I. Singles

67 Sixteen/Little Girl Blue                                      
68 Come Along Murphy/Patrick O'Donnell                           
68 Heidschi Bumbeidschi/Ten Second Girl                          
69 Look Around/No Road Back                         Rex    R 11044
70 All Kinds Of Everything/Channel Breeze
           Decca F  13004
70 All Kinds Of Everything/Channel Breeze
           Decca DL 25405
70 All Kinds Of Everything/Channel Breeze
Decca MO   776
70 All Kinds Of Everything/Channel Breeze
           Rex      11054
70 All Kinds of Everything/Channel Breeze
London 45-1026
.. I Will Follow You/With A Little Love
             Decca DL 25433
71 Who Put The Lights Out/Always A Few Things
       Decca DL 25449
.. Today/Don't Cry My Love
                          Decca DL 25463
71 Isn't It A Pity/Swallow Fly Away
71 Do I Still Figure In Your Life/A Ticket To Nowhere            
.. New Days-New Ways/Love Is A Friend Of Mine       Decca DL 25507
.. Wenn ein MĄdchen verliebt ist/Meine erste Liebe  Decca D  29099
72 Crossword Puzzle/Where Is He?                                 
73 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday/Corner Of The Sky (Morning Glow)      
74 Please Tell Him That I Said Hello/Darlin' Come Home Soon GTO 06
75 Spiel nicht mit mir und meinem GlĀck/Abschiedsparty      GTO 10
75 Are You Still Mad At Me?/There's Nothing You Can Do ...  GTO 23
75 VergiŠ nicht, daŠ ich dich liebe/FlĀsse ...
              GTO 33
75 It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas/The Goodbye Song
     GTO 45
75 Bau dein Haus auf Liebe/Kannst du denn nicht verzeihn?   GTO 46
76 Never Gonna Fall In Love Again/Have Love Will Travel
     GTO 55
75 Rivers Are For Boats/Country Pie
                         GTO 56
76 Fairytale/Country Girl
                                   GTO 66
76 I Love How You Love Me/Darlin' Come Home Soon
            GTO 96
77 Put Some Words Together/Look Before You Leap
            GTO 2O2
79 Something's Cooking In The Kitchen/Slipaway
             GTO 243
79 The Girl Is Back/Cry Like A Baby
                        GTO 251
79 I Can't Get Over Getting Over You/Everynight
            GTO 256
79 Totus Tuus/Cliffs Of Dooneen
                            GTO 262
81 Lady Of Knock/The Soft Rain
81 Dream Lover/Dance                                  Creole CR 26
.. I Feel Love Coming On/Lovely Baby
                  Creole CR 32
82 I Feel Love Coming On/Lovely Baby
                Teldec 6.13508
82 If You Really Love Me/
Marathon                 Polydor 811747-1
82 If You Really Love Me/Sad Song                                 
.. You Never Gave Me Your Love/Marathon               Creole CR 40
82 Yer Man/Yer Man's Theme
                                  TOW 21
84 So Clear (unreleased)
85 Little Things Mean A
Lot/(Crying) Till The Morning ... RITZ 102
85 If I Give My Heart To You/(Crying) Till The ...
        RITZ 125
85 (Old Gold, B-side) All Kinds Of Everything
            OG 3538-B
.. I Want To Stay Here/Baby Come Back To Me
               RITZ 140
86 Lipstick On Your Collar/Baby Come Back To Me
           RITZ 159
.. Baby Come Back To Me/Lipstick On Your Collar
88 Summer Romeo/Love's The Only Thing                     CARA 104
89 Harmony/Marathon (Dana & Gerry Brown)
            Fanfare FAN 17



70 All Kinds Of Everything                               Decca/Rex
75 World Of Dana
75 New Days ... New Ways
75 Have A Nice Day
76 Love Songs & Fairytales
79 The Girl Is Back (incl. flexi)
80 Everything Is Beautiful/20 Songs of Inspiration
81 Totally Yours
.. Magic
.. Let There Be Love
84 Please Tell Him That I Said Hello
85 If I Give My Heart To You
87 In The Palm Of His Hand
87 No Greater Love


83 Please Tell Him That I Said Hello                         Scoop



89 The Gift Of Love/In The Palm Of His Hand               Kingsway


V. Video

.. Face to Faith                                                 


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